Stages of pregnancy month by month – All in One Guide | Dr Satyamvada Pandey

Stages of pregnancy month by month – All in One Guide | Dr Satyamvada Pandey


 A woman has to face different stages in her life. The most important among them are the stages of pregnancy. By getting passed through these stages, the woman takes a new birth by attaining the level of maturity, and that is by becoming the mother of the child. The woman used to suffer from different types of pain.

Throughout the period of pregnancy, she is supposed to visit the doctor at regular intervals of time. It is the best opportunity for every woman to go through the stages of pregnancy. A pregnant woman has a respectable image in society.

Early Stages of Pregnancy

When the woman has gotten pregnant, then her pregnancy is revealed by her symptoms. At that time, she used to feel so hungry and vomit again and again. By observing these symptoms, the pregnancy can be checked by using the strip.

 The signs of pregnancy in the early period are increased basal body temperature, smell sensitivity, breast changes, fatigue, implantation bleeding, changes in cervical mucus, frequent urination, and mood swings. It is necessary for not only the woman but also for all her family members to be conscientious during these stages for a successful delivery.

Stages of Pregnancy Week by Week

After the passage of every week, the egg begins to develop. It used to grow bigger in size. Every week the weight of the body of the woman get increased and she is supposed to have a rich and healthy diet. As the week get passed the woman is supposed to have much care from her husband and other family members. She is supposed to approach the doctor every week for the health of her and the baby. 

Fetal Development Stages

The stages of fetus development are fertilisation, conversion of egg to embryo, development of the blastocyst, development of the embryo, and development of placenta and fetus. For a pregnant woman, it is essential to deal with it.

Stages of Pregnancy Month by Month- 

The period of pregnancy used to continue for 9 months. The woman used to devote herself wholly during this time.

 Now it’s time to discuss the symptoms of the various stages of pregnancy month by month in the following way. 

First month of pregnancy symptoms- 

  • Changes You May Experience: The changes at the time of the first month of pregnancy are fatigue, abdominal pain, backache, bleeding, constipation, indigestion, haemorrhoids, nausea and vomiting, swelling, and varicose veins.
  • How Your Baby is Developing: During this stage, there is a conversion of the fertilized egg to a fetus. It is the stage that gives shape to major systems or organs. The working of muscles and nerves gets started.

What to Expect in Your Prenatal Visit This Month: The mother is supposed to start doing exercise with complete rest. It is the responsibility of the family members of the pregnant woman to take care of her.

Second Month of Pregnancy Symptoms-

  • Changes You May Experience: This Month The changes that occur during this time are leg pain, aching back, pelvis, and hips, stomach pain, loose teeth, nasal congestion, urinary tract infection, and Brackston hicks contractions.
  • How your baby is developing: At this time, the baby of the pregnant woman has acquired the size of half an inch. Or it can be said that the baby used to acquire the size of a raspberry.
  • What to Expect At Your Prenatal Visit This Month: At that time, the mother is supposed to be much more conscientious by taking care of her diet and health with the support of her husband and other family members.

 3rd Month Pregnancy Symptoms-

  • Changes you may Experience: The changes experienced at this time are aching backs, pelvis, and hips. abdominal pain, shortness of breath, more breast growth, weight gain, vaginal discharge, stretch marks, and less fatal movement.
  • How Baby is developing: During this period, the embryo acquires the form of a fetus at 1–1.15 inches. Along with that, there is growth of fingers and toes. The uterus’s wall gets connected to placenta. The placenta from abdomen of the fetus has a connection with umbilical cord.
  • Your prenatal visit this month: The body of the woman gets protected from diseases and unhealthy food during this time. The pregnancy act, according to the advice of the elders and doctors,

4th Month Pregnancy Symptoms-

  • Changes You May Experience– The changes during this time are an expansion of the uterus, increasing breast size, constipation, higher urination frequency, increased blood volume, heartburn and increased vaginal discharge.
  • How Your Baby is Developing: At this time, the baby’s weight usually gets increased and bump of the baby of the pregnant woman gets notified, enabling the mother to be highly concerned.
  • What to expect during a  prenatal visit: The pregnant woman at this stage should take care of her walking and sitting posture by following a set routine of her daily activities for the purpose of successful delivery.

5th Month Pregnancy Symptoms-

  • Changes You May Experience: The changes that take place at this time are heartburn, skin pigmentation, an increase in appetite, high blood pressure, palpitation, bleeding gums, and constipation.
  • How your baby is developing: The baby is found to be much more active during the 5th month of pregnancy, and this activity is usually found during the time of the evening. Movement of the baby is experienced during this time.
  • Your Prenatal Visit This Month: The pregnant woman is allowed to keep happy during this time. She is not supposed to feel any stress or tension. It is the time when she needs extra care.

 6th Month Pregnancy Symptoms

  • Changes You May Experience: During this period, the mother used to experience digestive problems like backaches and heartburn, and in every respect, she had to tolerate it.
  • How your baby is developing: The baby gets bigger in size. At this month the baby acquires the human face. At this time, the body weight ranges from 8 ounces to 1 pound.

  7th Month Pregnancy Symptoms-

  • changes you may experience: The changes at this time are facing difficulty in blending, swelling and feeling of bloat, Feelings of being extremely hot, frequent urination, fatigue and tiredness, nipples getting dark, increase in weight, dropping haemoglobin level, constant mood swings and anxiety, production of milk by some women, breast tenderness, expansion of the uterus, and back pain.
  • How Your Baby is Developing: The growth of the baby of the pregnant woman continues with the development of existing systems and organs. This is the stage when there is the development of hearing.
  • Your Prenatal Visit This Month: At this time, the pregnant woman usually feels the presence of a child in her womb. She has to give extra attention to her child during this time.

8th Month Pregnancy Symptoms-

  • Changes You may Experience: The changes that occur during this period are difficulty in breathing, leaking breasts, and constant back pain. It is necessary for the woman to adapt at this time.
  • How Your Baby is Developing: This is the stage of maturity for the baby of the pregnant woman. She has to deal with this critical situation in a careful manner with the aim of delivering the baby successfully.
  • What to Expect At Your Prenatal Visit This Month: This stage is a great concern for the woman. This is a situation which is very critical in every respect and can be faced only with the support of the husband and other family members.

 9-Month Pregnancy Symptoms-

  • Changes you may experience: The desired changes at this time are growth and development of brain, hardening of bones, formation of fat under skin, growth of fingernails and head-down position of fetuses.
  • How Your Baby is Developing: This is the time when the baby is prepared for birth. After the passage of this month, the labour pain can occur at any time, and thus the mother has to go for delivery.

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